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“ Leader in the chiropractic profession. He has served as the president of Life University in Marietta, Georgia, one of the largest chiropractic colleges in the world.”
“ A 100% chiropractor is a chiropractic clinic or practice that is solely dedicated to providing chiropractic care to its patients.”

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“In just the first 3 weeks, we had 90 fresh leads. Having that amazing influx of patients has allowed us to serve our community much better.”
CEO,100% Chiropractic
“I have been burned by marketing agencies more than once, Gill is the real deal! I have a 78% close rate from the leads Gill sends us”
Dr Dave
CEO, Rise Chiropractors
“Just over 48 hours and 14 new patients have been booked into my schedule. I was surprised by the success of the program!”
Dr Anthony
CEO, Fountain of Youth Chiropractic
“We went from 70 visits per week to 170 visits last week since working with Elevate”
CEO, Broadway Chiropractic
“Im at a 15 to 1 return on my money. We went from $50k/month to $85-90k!
Dr Kendall Price
CEO, Aurora Chiropractic
“Month to date we’ve done $39,100 from your leads”
CEO, Aurora Chiropractic
“I am getting quality leads which is so important, and they provide amazing service which other companies don’t.”
Lotus Chiropractic Care
“We are getting 4x as many leads as with previous companies and they are quality!”
Dr. Mary Luther

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